The YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L in Camp Green is your go-to companion for every adventure, whether you’re navigating city streets or rugged trails. Crafted from resilient 700D TuffSkin Nylon, this pack is both water and abrasion-resistant, offering unmatched durability. The spacious main compartment features two pockets designed to fit Rambler Bottles, making it easy to stay hydrated on the go. Its wide opening allows for straightforward loading and unloading, accommodating all your essential gear. Extra perks like the luggage pass-thru sleeve make traveling a breeze, ensuring that this versatile backpack is ready for any twists and turns your day might take. Ever wondered if there’s a backpack tough enough to handle both your daily commute and weekend adventures? The YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L in Camp Green might just be the answer to your rugged needs.

Check out the YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green here.

Design and Build Quality


The YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L isn’t just any ordinary backpack; it’s constructed from 700D TuffSkin Nylon, making it both water and abrasion-resistant. This means you can dash through a sudden downpour or navigate through dense woodlands without worrying about damaging your gear.


The Camp Green color isn’t just functional but also stylish. It blends well with both urban settings and the natural environment, making it a versatile choice for any scenario. Plus, it gives off that “ready-for-anything” vibe, don’t you think?

Size and Weight

You might be curious about how much this backpack weighs and how big it actually is. Well, it’s fairly lightweight for its durability, and with a 27-liter capacity, you can fit quite a lot in there without it becoming unwieldy.

Feature Specification
Material 700D TuffSkin Nylon
Color Camp Green
Capacity 27L
Dimensions (Approx) 19.5″ x 12.5″ x 7″
Weight (Approx) 3.6 lbs


Main Compartment

This bag features a large main compartment that’s easily accessible, thanks to its wide opening. You’ll find that loading and unloading your gear is a breeze. No more fumbling around trying to yank out that one item buried at the bottom!

Rambler Bottle Ready Pockets

Ah, the convenience of having two pockets designed specifically for your Rambler Bottles! Ever been annoyed trying to balance your water bottle in a makeshift side pocket? These designated pockets keep your bottles snug and easily accessible.

Secondary Pockets and Organization

The Crossroads Backpack comes with multiple internal and external organization pockets. Whether it’s your laptop, cables, or snacks, there’s a designated spot for it. You can say goodbye to that tangled mess of items at the bottom of your old backpack.

YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green

Check out the YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green here.


Straps and Padding

Carrying a fully loaded backpack can be tough on your shoulders, but YETI has thought of that too. The shoulder straps are well-padded and adjustable to fit different body types comfortably. The back panel is also cushioned, offering breathability during those long hauls.

Luggage Pass-Thru Sleeve

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll appreciate the luggage pass-thru sleeve. It allows you to secure your backpack to the top of your roller luggage, which takes the strain off your shoulders when you’re navigating through crowded airports.


Resistance to Wear and Tear

One of the standout features of the YETI Crossroads Backpack is its durability. Thanks to the 700D TuffSkin Nylon, this backpack can handle a fair amount of wear and tear without showing signs of distress. Whether it’s being shoved under airplane seats or scraped along rocky paths, this bag holds up.

Water Resistance

Planning to hike through drizzly conditions or worried about unexpected spills during your commute? The water-resistant material has got you covered. Your belongings will stay dry, giving you an extra layer of stress-free travel.

YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green

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Practical Everyday Use


Your daily commute requires a backpack that’s as versatile as your day. The YETI Crossroads Backpack transitions smoothly from being an office buddy to a gym companion. The organized compartments ensure you have everything where you need it, and the main compartment is spacious enough for your lunch, work documents, and even a change of clothes if needed.

Hikes and Outdoor Adventures

If you’re the adventurous type, this backpack will be your new best friend. It’s lightweight but still robust enough to carry all your essentials for a day hike. The water-resistant feature keeps your gear safe, and the multiple compartments help you stay organized on the go.

User Feedback

Customer Reviews

Many customers rave about the backpack’s durability and functionality. Here are a few snippets:

  • John D.: “I use it for both work and weekend getaways. The material is tough, and the water resistance is a lifesaver during unexpected rain.”

  • Emily S.: “Love the additional pockets and the sleek look. It’s a bit on the heavier side but worth it for the sturdiness.”

  • Chris P.: “It’s a solid, well-built backpack. Perfect for my tech gear and a couple of Rambler Bottles. Highly recommend!”

YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green

Learn more about the YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green here.


Versus Other Brands

It’s inevitable to compare YETI with other backpack brands. Let’s take a quick look:

Feature YETI Crossroads 27L Brand X 25L Brand Y 30L
Material 700D TuffSkin Nylon Standard Polyester Ripstop Nylon
Water Resistance Yes No Yes, but less durable
Capacity 27L 25L 30L
Weight Approx 3.6 lbs Approx 2.8 lbs Approx 4 lbs
Price Range Premium Budget-Mid Mid-Premium

As you can see, while the YETI might be a bit heavier, it’s built to last and offers better water resistance compared to many other brands.

Value for Money


Yes, it falls into the premium price range, but when you consider the durability, functionality, and the brand reputation, it’s a worthy investment. You’re not just buying a backpack; you’re investing in a reliable companion for all your adventures.

Long-Term Investment

Think of it this way: How many backpacks have you had to replace over the years? With the YETI Crossroads 27L, you’re likely saving money in the long run by investing in a high-quality, durable product that will last for years.

YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green

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The YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L in Camp Green is a robust, versatile, and stylish choice for anyone looking to navigate the challenges of both urban and outdoor environments. With its durable 700D TuffSkin Nylon construction, water resistance, and thoughtful organizational features, it’s built to last and keeps your belongings safe and accessible. Whether you’re on a daily commute or a weekend adventure, this backpack won’t just meet your expectations—it will exceed them. Sure, it’s a bit of an investment, but think about it: Isn’t peace of mind worth it?

So, whether you’re catching a train, hiking a trail, or hopping on a plane, the YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L has got your back. Literally.

See the YETI Crossroads Backpack 27L, Camp Green in detail.

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