Imagine yourself surrounded by the tranquility of a secluded campsite, your breath creating small clouds in the crisp air. The US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit stands as the heart of your impromptu wilderness retreat, a solid and dependable companion that laughs in the face of cold nights and uncooperative weather. Crafted from heavy duty cast iron, it holds the promise of warmth and sustenance, an unyielding presence capable of transforming a simple metal barrel into a roaring camp stove. With the added option of a double barrel adapter kit, you can even double its capacity, ensuring not a single soul goes without the comfort of heat. Just remember, as tempting as it might be, this particular marvel is not for the skies and woods of Washington. Ever wondered how you could transform a simple barrel into the ultimate camp stove? Let’s delve into the nitty gritty of the US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit. It sounds like something straight out of a post-apocalyptic novel, doesn’t it? I half expect Thunderdome to spring up in my backyard the moment I assemble it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit, Black, Medium

Check out the US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit, Black, Medium here.

Unboxing the Beast

You know when you order something online and half of the excitement is just tearing open the box? This might be one of those moments. The heavy-duty label smacks you in the face right away. As if to say, “Hey, careful now. I’m not some dainty little gadget.” You almost hear the label whisper, “Don’t drop me on your foot unless you’re okay with losing a toe.”

What’s in the Box?

Expect a whirlwind of cast iron and possibility. The kit comes nicely compact, which is surprising given how robust the materials are.

Item Description
Stove Kit Heavy-duty cast iron components
Installation Manual Step-by-step instructions that are actually readable
Assembly Hardware Bolts, screws, and other necessary hardware

I’ll tell you up top, the thing is heavy. This isn’t the flimsy stuff of fairytales. There’s a weight to it that gives you the sense that you’re dealing with something serious. Like meeting your partner’s disapproving dad for the first time.

US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit, Black, Medium

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Assembly: If IKEA Made Camp Stoves

Installing the BSK2000 is kind of like making lasagna. It looks daunting, but it’s manageable when broken down into steps. You’re not going to be sweating over it thinking, “Oh dear God, why did I buy this again?” Or maybe you will, but you’ll get over that quickly.

Follow the Manual

Alright, I won’t mince words—the manual is actually useful. It’s not one of those booklets written in five languages but somehow still makes no sense in any of them.

  1. Identify Your Parts: Take a look at your goodies and identify everything first. It helps.
  2. Pre-drilling Holes: Firstly, you’ll need a 55-gallon steel drum. Yes, you have to provide that yourself. It’s like buying a bike without wheels.
  3. Attach Door and Legs: These need to be screwed into pre-drilled holes. Have a friend help you stabilise if you possess only two hands.
  4. Install the Collar and Flue: This is what makes your barrel resemble something less like a trash can and more like a stove.

If you mess this part up, you’ll basically have a metal barrel with legs—which could be considered modern art.

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The Burn Test: Does It Actually Work?

Alright, you’ve got it all assembled. What now? Duh, you test it! The BSK2000 isn’t the kind of piece you just assemble and stare at. This isn’t a minimalist wall hanging, after all.

Fire It Up

Before you go all pyro, find a safe, well-ventilated area. You don’t want to inadvertently become the feature story on the 6 o’clock news.

  1. Start Small: Use kindling and smaller logs to get it going. You don’t want to suffocate your flames before they’ve had their morning coffee.
  2. Heat Adjustment: The door and flue vent help you control the burn rate. Get your inner mad scientist geek on and tinker with it.
  3. Maximum Heat Output: Once fired up, the stove offers pretty decent heat. You can actually feel proud of your creation, like when your kid scores in Little League.

Pros of Owning the BSK2000

Alright, let’s list the sunny side of it all. Not everything new and shiny is actually worth the trouble, but this kit? Oh boy, you might just fall in love.

Heat on the Go

The primary reason you’d even consider this is the sheer amount of heat it can generate. Compared to those flimsy portable stoves, this thing is like trading in a Zippo for a flamethrower.

Durability and Longevity

Made of heavy-duty cast iron, this stove isn’t something you’ll have to replace in a couple of camping trips. Heck, your grandkids might inherit this thing. If the phrase “built to last” needed an example, this stove could very well be it.


Get creative! With a few additional purchases like the double barrel adapter kit (sold separately due to capitalism), you can double the size of your setup. This is excellent if you’re the kind who likes to show off at the campsite.

US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit, Black, Medium

Cons: Not Everything is Sunshine and Lollipops

As amazing as it sounds, this camp stove comes with its own set of hiccups.

Weight—Not Exactly Feather Light

Remember how I said the heavy-duty label isn’t just for show? That’s legit. This thing is heavy and could be a hassle if you’re planning to move it frequently. Not something you want to cart around without a game plan.

Not for First-Timers

Even with the helpful manual, this isn’t a “quick weekend project” for the faint-hearted or those less experienced in DIY projects. If you’ve never used a drill before, maybe now’s not the time to start.


For some reason best known to entities higher up than you and me, this stove is prohibited in Washington state. Maybe it’s something they put in the coffee out there, who knows?

Making the Most of Your Stove

Alright, you’ve managed to set it up and test it without burning down the neighborhood. What next?

Optimize the Burn

Learn the art of managing your fire. Press the flue vent and door into service to regulate the heat and ensure consistent burning. Like a symphony conductor, become one with the flames. You want to channel your inner Gandalf but make it practical.


Yes, you can cook on it. And not just marshmallows either. Toss an iron grill on top and you can start preparing actual meals. Talk about a campfire upgrade! Why settle for hot dogs when you can cook a proper steak?


Maintain it like you would any serious piece of equipment. Regular cleaning ensures it won’t deteriorate, and keep it dry to prevent rust. Make it a habit, and it will serve you well for years.

US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit, Black, Medium

Final Thoughts

So, what’s the verdict on the US Stove Company BSK2000 Heavy Duty Camp Stove Kit? It’s like adopting a dragon: powerful, awe-inspiring, and completely impractical if you’re not ready to handle it.

But if you’ve got the knack for DIY projects, and you’re smart about fire safety, this kit could very well be the centerpiece of your next outdoor adventure. Remember, the key lies in the prep work—get your barrel, read the manual, and respect the beast.

Now, go forth and conquer!🔥

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