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GoPro Hero4 Black Review

The GoPro Hero4 Black sets a new standard for capturing your most thrilling adventures. This versatile camera not only records professional-quality video in resolutions including 4k30, 2.7k60, and 1080P120, but also captures stunning 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it seamlessly supports the GoPro app and smart remote, making it easier than ever to control your camera and share your moments. If you’re looking for advanced features, you’ll appreciate its Protune with SuperView for cinema-quality capture and customizable night photo settings. The GoPro Hero4 Black is designed to help you create and save unforgettable memories.

How Do You Capture the Ultimate Adventure? Meet the GoPro Hero4 Black!

So you’ve been lamenting about how to capture those epic, adrenaline-pumping moments, huh? Well, you’ve landed on just the right page. The GoPro Hero4 Black is all about extending your creative capabilities with state-of-the-art features that aren’t just for show but actually amplify your content, turning it into a jaw-dropping spectacle. Intrigued? Let’s dive deep into what makes this little dynamo an absolute must-have for adventurers, vloggers, or anyone serious about visual storytelling.

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Stunning Video and Photo Quality

Professional 4K30 Video

One of the standout features of the GoPro Hero4 Black is its ability to capture professional-level video. With 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, you’re looking at sharp, crisp, cinema-quality footage. This is something that many high-end professional cameras boast, but the GoPro Hero4 Black brings it to you in a compact, rugged package.

2.7K60 and 1080P120 Video

If versatility is what you’re after, then the other video resolutions are equally impressive. You can shoot in 2.7K at 60 frames per second or 1080P at a whopping 120 frames per second. The high frame rates make for some incredibly smooth footage, and let’s not forget—you can slow things down to achieve super slow motion playback, capturing every minute detail of your activities.

12MP Photos at 30 FPS

Apart from video, the GoPro Hero4 Black doesn’t skimp on photo quality either. You can snap 12-megapixel stills at up to 30 frames per second. This means you won’t miss that perfect shot even if you’re in a fast-paced environment. Imagine shooting a mountain bike race or a scenic parachute drop—all those timeless stills preserved beautifully.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Connection Options

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the GoPro Hero4 Black integrates seamlessly with the GoPro app and smart remote. This lets you control your camera, preview shots, and play back content on your smartphone in real-time. Who needs to lug around a laptop when you can edit and share your adventures on the fly?

Easy Sharing

This feature is a game-changer for those wanting to quickly share their experiences on social media. With a few taps on your phone, you can upload your epic moments straight to your favorite platforms. No cables, no delays—just instant connectivity.

GoPro Hero4 Black

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Improved Camera Control

Built-in Video Trimming

A nifty feature that sets the GoPro Hero4 Black apart from the rest is its built-in video trimming. You can now create and save short video clips directly on the camera. No need for a computer or advanced software; trim your clips on the go and get ready to share with the world.

User-friendly Interface

Navigating through the camera’s settings and features has been made incredibly intuitive. The interface allows you to easily adjust settings like frame rate, resolution, and exposure, letting you capture the perfect shot every time.

Protune with SuperView

Cinema-Quality Capture

The Protune mode with SuperView really ups the ante. This feature delivers cinema-quality capture and offers advanced manual control for both photos and video. Whether it’s white balance, ISO limits, or color control, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Immersive Wide-Angle

SuperView offers the world’s most immersive wide-angle field of view. This isn’t just about capturing vast landscapes; it’s about making the viewer feel like they’re right there with you in the moment. Dive into your scenes with an unparalleled perspective.

GoPro Hero4 Black

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Night Photo and Night Lapse

Customizable Exposure Settings

Night owls and stargazers, rejoice! The Night Photo and Night Lapse settings offer customizable exposure settings designed for nighttime shooting. Whether it’s capturing the full glory of a star-studded sky or the quiet elegance of a cityscape at night, this feature ensures your low-light footage is as stunning as daytime shots.

Versatile Usage

This makes the GoPro Hero4 Black ideal for more than just action-packed days. It’s perfect for any situation where low light could have been an issue. From outdoor adventures to night-time city explorations, capturing beautiful, clear shots is now an all-day affair.

Technical Specifications

Let’s break down the nitty-gritty details in a more digestible table:

Feature Specification
Video Quality 4K30, 2.7K60, 1080P120, 720P240
Photo Quality 12MP at 30 FPS
Wireless Connectivity Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Control Options GoPro app, Smart Remote
Video Trimming Built-in
Advanced Settings Protune with SuperView
Night Mode Night Photo and Night Lapse

GoPro Hero4 Black

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Who Is It For?

Adventurers and Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

This camera is built like a tank and designed to withstand the rigors of any adventure. Mountain biking, surfing, skiing—you name it, the GoPro Hero4 Black can capture it in stunning quality.

Content Creators and Vloggers

If you’re an aspiring YouTuber or vlogger, the GoPro Hero4 Black offers versatile filming options that can elevate your content. The built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make uploading on-the-go convenient and hassle-free.

Nighttime Shooters

The customizable exposure settings for night shooting opens up creative possibilities. Photographers who love capturing nighttime landscapes or star trails will find this feature invaluable.

User Experience

Ease of Use

The GoPro Hero4 Black is designed to be user-friendly. The intuitive menu system allows even beginners to make the most out of its extensive feature set. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy individual to understand its functionalities; everything is laid out in a clear, accessible manner.

Battery Life

Let’s be real—battery life is always a concern, especially when you’re out in the field. While the GoPro Hero4 Black offers reasonable battery life, it doesn’t hurt to carry a spare battery or two, especially if you plan on shooting extensively.


There is no shortage of accessories for the GoPro Hero4 Black. From chest mounts to waterproof cases, the list is extensive. These add-ons further expand the functionality of the camera, allowing you to customize it according to your needs.

GoPro Hero4 Black

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Pros and Cons


Let’s zero in on what makes the GoPro Hero4 Black a standout:

  • High-Quality Video and Photos: 4K video, 12MP photos at 30 FPS.
  • Built-in Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy sharing.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple controls and built-in video trimming.
  • Night Mode: Customizable settings for excellent low-light performance.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Extensive range of accessories available.


No product is perfect, and the GoPro Hero4 Black is no exception. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Battery Life: Can be short during extensive filming sessions.
  • Learning Curve: Advanced settings might require a bit of a learning curve for beginners.
  • Price: Runs on the pricier side, though its features justify the cost for many users.

Tips for Optimal Use

Keep Spare Batteries

Always have extra batteries on hand, especially for long filming sessions or when you’re far from a power source.

Use High-Quality SD Cards

For such high resolution and frame rates, invest in a high-quality, high-speed SD card to ensure smooth recording and playback.

Familiarize with Settings

Spend some time getting to know the camera’s settings and features. This will help you make the most out of every shooting situation.

Keep Firmware Updated

GoPro frequently releases firmware updates that can improve performance and add new features. Keep your camera updated to enjoy the latest enhancements.

GoPro Hero4 Black


So, there you have it. The GoPro Hero4 Black isn’t just a camera; it’s a story-teller’s tool. From capturing high-resolution videos and stunning photos to offering a plethora of advanced features, this little marvel is more than capable of documenting your adventures in stunning detail. It’s rugged, user-friendly, and packed with tech that any adventurer or content creator would find invaluable. Now, the only question that remains is: what epic story will you tell next?

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