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Pelican Cooler Sling Review

When it comes to outdoor adventures, the Pelican Cooler Sling is your ideal companion, combining durability with practicality. Boasting an 840D double-coated TPU outer shell that resists punctures, this cooler is designed for the rugged outdoors. The lightweight construction, along with padded shoulder straps, ensures you can comfortably carry it on any journey. With a compression-molded base for added structure, a leak-resistant zipper for keeping contents secure, and high-density insulated inner walls, this cooler maintains icy temperatures and freshness for your snacks and beverages. At an 8.5-liter capacity, it’s compact yet spacious enough to meet your needs. Have you ever found yourself in need of a reliable cooler that’s not just tough and efficient but also easy to carry around? Let’s talk about the Pelican Cooler Sling. This could be the answer you’ve been looking for, especially if you love spending time outdoors.

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What is the Pelican Cooler Sling?

A Rugged Companion for Outdoor Adventures

The Pelican Cooler Sling is designed specifically for those who love to trek, camp, or simply enjoy a day at the beach. Featuring an 840D nylon outer shell imported for maximum durability, it withstands the rough and tumble of outdoor environments. It’s like the superhero of coolers!

Standout Features

What makes this cooler sling unique is its 840D DOUBLE COATED TPU material. This puncture-resistant fabric can stand up to the inevitable bumps and scrapes that come with outdoor use.

Why Choose It?

Isn’t it frustrating when your cooler is too bulky, heavy, or just plain cumbersome? Pelican solves this with its lightweight design and padded shoulder straps. Now you can carry your 8.5-liter cooler around without breaking a sweat.

Pelican Cooler Sling

See the Pelican Cooler Sling in detail.

Built for Durability

Compression Molded Base

The Pelican Cooler Sling features a compression-molded base, giving it a sturdy structure that withstands constant use. Whether it’s bouncing around in the trunk of your car or being lugged around on rocky terrain, it maintains its shape and keeps your contents safe.

Leak Resistant Zipper

One of the most common grievances against coolers is leakage. The Pelican Cooler Sling tackles this problem head-on with a leak-resistant zipper. This zipper comes with a waterproof seal to ensure that ice and contents stay where they belong—inside the cooler, not dripping down your back!

Pelican Cooler Sling

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Superior Insulation

Insulated Inner Walls

Pelican went all out to ensure that your beverages stay cold. The inner walls are insulated with high-density closed-cell foam. This provides extreme insulation, keeping your drinks and snacks fresh for extended periods of time.

Function Meets Form

Gone are the days when you had to choose between functionality and style. The Pelican Cooler Sling combines both, making it an essential part of your outdoor gear.

Pelican Cooler Sling

See the Pelican Cooler Sling in detail.

User-Friendly Design

Easy to Carry

One of its biggest selling points is its easy-to-carry design. The padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to sling over your shoulder, even when it’s fully loaded. Whether you’re trekking through the woods or strolling down the beach, you’ll hardly notice the weight.

Versatile Use

It doesn’t matter if you’re an angler needing cold bait, a camper keeping your meals fresh, or just someone who loves a cold drink; this cooler sling covers all the bases.

Product Details at a Glance

To make the Pelican Cooler Sling’s features more digestible, here’s a handy table:

Feature Description
Material 840D Double Coated TPU
Outer Shell 840D Nylon, Imported
Capacity 8.5 Liters
Portability Lightweight, padded shoulder straps
Base Compression molded for durability
Zipper Leak-resistant with waterproof seal
Insulation High-density closed cell foam
Use Outdoor activities (trekking, camping, beach outings)

Pelican Cooler Sling

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Real-Life Scenarios

Camping Trips

Imagine being on a camping trip, miles away from the nearest convenience store. Keeps you stress-free knowing your perishables and drinks are safe. The Pelican Cooler Sling ensures that your food remains cold, and you’re not forced to rush back to civilization.

Beach Outings

Heading to the beach? You won’t have to deal with a heavy, awkward cooler. Just sling it over your shoulder and enjoy your beach day knowing your drinks are ice-cold.

Outdoor Events

Even if you’re just attending an outdoor concert or a picnic, having a cooler that’s easy to carry makes life a lot simpler. No one wants to wrestle with a bulky container while trying to enjoy an event.

Pelican Cooler Sling

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning Tips

You’ll be glad to know that maintaining the Pelican Cooler Sling is straightforward. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. For the interior, a mild soap solution will do the trick. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storing to avoid any mildew.


To make the most out of your cooler’s lifespan, avoid storing it in extreme temperatures for elongated periods. Regular cleaning and basic care will keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.

Pelican Cooler Sling

Pros and Cons


  • Durable Material: The 840D Double Coated TPU is nearly indestructible.
  • Easy Portability: Thanks to its lightweight design and padded shoulder straps.
  • High Capacity: 8.5 liters mean you can pack plenty for your adventure.
  • Stays Cool: Excellent insulation, ensuring your contents remain cold.
  • Leak-Proof: The waterproof zipper seal is a game-changer.


  • Price Point: It’s a bit on the high-end side, but you get what you pay for.
  • Limited Color Options: If you’re picky about colors, choices might be limited.
  • Capacity Might be Too Small for Some: If you’re catering to a larger group, 8.5 liters might not be enough.

Pelican Cooler Sling

Final Thoughts

The Pelican Cooler Sling is a highly functional, durable, and easy-to-carry cooler designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, a day at the beach, or any other outdoor event, this cooler sling provides the convenience and reliability you need.

It excels in keeping your items cool, is puncture resistant, and has a comfortable carrying design, making it a perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. If you’ve been contemplating whether this cooler is worth the investment, rest assured it’s designed to offer longevity and reliability, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Happy adventuring!

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