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Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black Review

The Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black, is the ultimate solution for your kids’ sleepovers, camping trips, or any adventure where extra sleeping arrangements are needed. This set includes two cots, each designed for children aged 7-12, complete with side organizers for easy gear access and carry bags for hassle-free transport. With a weight limit of 200lbs per cot, your children will enjoy a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. The Kid-O-Bunk’s design is easy to clean, and it offers a spacious sleep area to ensure a pleasant rest. Available in fun colors, this versatile and practical bunk set will quickly become a family favorite.

Have You Heard About the Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black?

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black

Discover more about the Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black.


So, you have kids aged between 7-12, and camping or sleepovers are becoming a regular thing. You’re probably looking for a reliable, fun, and efficient sleeping solution for them, right? That’s where the Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black comes into play. Let’s dive deep into what makes this product a must-have for your kids’ next adventure.

Key Features

Double Cots with Flexible Configuration

The Kid-O-Bunk offers two cots that can be used separately or stacked to save space. This feature is pure gold, particularly when you’re working with limited room space in a tent or a small bedroom.

Side Organizers

Imagine not having to rummage through bags in the dark! The two side organizers are perfect for holding essential items like books, flashlights, or snacks, making them easily accessible even at night.

Easy Transport

Traveling with kids can be a hassle, but Kid-O-Bunk aims to make your life easier. Each cot comes with its own carry bag, ensuring that you can transport them hassle-free wherever you go.

Secure and Safe

Safety is a major concern for any parent, and Kid-O-Bunk gets it. With two locking straps included, you can rest easy knowing that the cots will remain secure, giving you peace of mind while your kids enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Designed for Kids Aged 7-12

These cots cater specifically to children aged 7-12 and can support up to 200 lbs (91 kg) per cot. It’s clear that safety and durability are top priorities!

Easy to Clean

Kids can be messy; it’s just a fact of life. Fortunately, cleaning these cots is super easy. Just wipe them down with a non-abrasive cloth and some mild detergent, and you’re good to go.

Spacious and Comfortable

With outer dimensions of 65” L x 32.5” W x 32” H, the cots offer ample space for your kids to stretch out and sleep comfortably. That’s more than enough room for a comfy night’s sleep.

Fun Color Options

Kids are all about colors, aren’t they? Thankfully, the Kid-O-Bunk comes in various fun colors, making it easy to pick one that your kids will absolutely love.

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Detailed Breakdown of Features

Feature Details
Double Cots Use them singly or stack them.
Side Organizers Perfect for holding essentials like books or flashlights.
Carry Bags Each cot comes with its own bag.
Locking Straps Keeps cots secure and stable.
Age Range Designed for kids aged 7-12.
Weight Limit Can support up to 200 lbs (91 kg) per cot.
Easy to Clean Just wipe with a non-abrasive cloth and mild detergent.
Spacious Design Dimensions are 65” L x 32.5” W x 32” H.
Colors Available in various fun colors.

Setup and Assembly

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up the Kid-O-Bunk is straightforward and relatively quick. Even if you’re not the most mechanically inclined person, the instructions are clear enough for you to get it right the first time. No need for tools; everything you need is included in the package.

Flexible Configuration

You can use the cots separately or stack them into a bunk bed. The set includes stack adapters for this very purpose, adding a level of flexibility that’s just outstanding. Whether you need extra floor space or more individual sleeping spots, Kid-O-Bunk has you covered.


Each cot comes with its own carry bag, which is a game-changer for portable convenience. These bags make it easy to pack and transport the cots, so you’re never struggling with awkward or cumbersome gear.

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black

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Comfort and Usability

Spacious Sleeping Area

Each cot measures 65” L x 32.5” W x 32” H, providing a spacious sleeping area for your kids. They won’t feel cramped, and there’s plenty of room for tossing and turning throughout the night.

Sturdy Construction

Despite being designed for kids, these cots are robust. They can hold up to 200 lbs (91 kg) per cot, ensuring that your child is safe and comfortable. This kind of durability is not just for your peace of mind but also ensures long-term usage.

Fun and Functional Design

Besides being sturdy, the Kid-O-Bunk also comes in various fun colors that your kids will enjoy. It’s always nice to have gear that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Easy Clean Materials

Kids can get messy, and cleaning is often one of the biggest concerns for parents. Thankfully, Kid-O-Bunk makes this easy. Simply use a non-abrasive cloth and some mild detergent to clean up any messes. Let it air dry, and you’re all set.

Low Maintenance

Besides its easy cleaning process, the Kid-O-Bunk is low maintenance. The materials used are durable and built to last, so you won’t find yourself needing to replace parts or components frequently.

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black

Get your own Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black today.

Ideal for Various Scenarios


If you’re a camping family, the Kid-O-Bunk is a fantastic addition to your gear. It’s portable, easy to set up, and provides a comfortable sleeping solution while out in nature.


Remember how fun sleepovers could be? Kid-O-Bunk makes them even better. Set it up in the living room or your kid’s bedroom, and you instantly have an awesome sleeping arrangement for friends.

Additional Sleeping Space

Whether you have family visiting or your kids just want to sleep together in the same room, the Kid-O-Bunk provides a quick and efficient solution without taking up much space.

Real-Life User Experiences

Positive Feedback

The overwhelming majority of reviews highlight the ease of setup, robust build, and comfort provided by the Kid-O-Bunk. Parents appreciate the product’s ability to offer a flexible sleeping arrangement for their children, whether at home or outdoors.

Minor Issues

A few users have pointed out that the locking straps might require an extra check to ensure they are properly secured, but once that’s done, the cots are stable and safe.

Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black

Click to view the Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black.

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible Configuration: Can be used as single cots or stacked.
  • Portability: Comes with two carry bags for easy transport.
  • Safety: Includes locking straps for added security.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Simple cleaning with a cloth and mild detergent.
  • Durable: Supports up to 200 lbs per cot.
  • Color Options: Available in various fun colors.


  • Initial Setup: Might require a bit of effort to ensure the locking straps are fully secure.
  • Storage: While the cots come with carry bags, the cots themselves still take up a fair amount of storage space when not in use.


The Disc-O-Bed Kid-O-Bunk with 2 Side Organizers, Black is an exceptional product that offers a flexible, durable, and comfortable sleeping solution for children aged 7-12. Its features make it perfect for camping trips, sleepovers, or simply as an additional sleeping option at home. The cots are easy to clean, and the side organizers are a thoughtful touch for storing nighttime essentials. Despite minor issues with the initial setup, the overall performance and utility of the Kid-O-Bunk are outstanding.

Should You Buy It?

Absolutely! If you need a reliable, comfortable, and safe sleeping solution for your kids, the Kid-O-Bunk is worth every penny. Not only does it meet the essential requirements, but it also adds a bit of fun and convenience to the mix. So, go ahead and invest in this versatile piece of gear; you won’t regret it.

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